Home We Care is a peace of mind solution for those who have loved ones residing in a Nursing Home. If you always want to know how your loved one is doing, Home We Care is perfect for you!

For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can receive the nursing notes recorded at the home about your loved one. Resident information is updated daily, providing you with comfort should you not be able to visit the home each day. The homes will also be able to send you messages, if needed, for quick response!

Tired of making countless phone calls to the home or not receiving the information you are looking for? Now, the nurse’s point of view of how your loved one is doing will be sent directly to you. This information can be accessed from your computer or mobile phone. All you need is permission from the residents’ Power of Attorney.

Register TODAY to receive daily up-dates about your loved one.

To register, you will need to provide information about you and the resident. If you are not the Power of Attorney, you will also need to provide their information. We will verify this information before finalizing the registration and sending resident information to you. Once you receive a confirmation email, we can get started!

Home We Care is only available for residents of certain homes at this time as not all nursing homes record their information electronically. So before registering, please check the available homes on the list to ensure your loved one’s home is listed.

Be in the Know and show you care.

Latest News

March 26/2014 - Solidified a partnership with PointClickCare.

May 25/2014 - Signed our first client on PLTC.

May 29/2014 - Awarded Runner up at the Ivey Venture Forum.

June 05/2014 - Home We Care won the Innovation/Product of the Year at the Ontario Long Term Care Association Forum!

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